QuickTime Troubleshooting
  QuickTime Troubleshooting
A number of people have problems try the Quicktime streaming audio on the "Course Materials" report access Section of the website LLC. This guide is intended to help the user to correct the problem.

Install the latest QuickTime Player
Make sure the latest version of QuickTime is installed.

Firewall configuration
Make sure your firewall is configured to flow that QuickTime can transport. In general, your operating system will inform you that QuickTime will be blocked by the firewall and give you the option to allow it.

Check your QuickTime installation
Try some other QuickTime streaming media to ensure that your player works. If the video does not load, this indicates a problem with your QuickTime installation and not necessarily just with the Course LLC Materials. If you can play other QuickTime media, but still can not listen to the LLC course materials, do the following tips.
Mac OS X only: Configure QuickTime plug-in for your browser All Apple OS X computers come with QuickTime installed and preconfigured functions, but in some cases it is necessary ensure that it's QuickTime plug-in configured properly to work with your web browser. First Open a terminal window. (Usually found under Applications | Utilities) Second Enter the following command and press Enter: cp-r / Library / Internet \ Plug-Ins/QuickTime * ~ / Library / Internet \ Plug-Ins /
Windows only: Configure QuickTime to start in Safe Mode On some Windows machines, you may need to configure QuickTime to run in safe mode. First Start ->Control Panel -> Advanced QuickTime Windows only: Setting up a new account Occasionally, QuickTime on Windows machines problems are due to problems with the user profile. So if you have already tried Re-installing QuickTime and configured to run in safe mode, you create a new user profile.

Conflict of software and system tools
The existence of some third-party System Services and Startup Items can lead to error when installing QuickTime player, because they will lead to conflict. Some of these entrepreneurial projects including qttask and iTunesHelper, both the computer starts to start automatically. In order to prevent the boot loader, disable the System Configuration Utility window they. Once they are disabled, they are no longer running in the Task Manager process, in order to prevent the installation of the QuickTime.

Compatibility issues
QuickTime is a large number of documents of a large-scale programs and multimedia works. Therefore, it consumes a lot of system resources, especially when it is used to capture video. Because it is a huge program, which requires at least a minimum of 512MB of memory, but will work more effectively, if there is at least 1GB or RAM. Of RAM installed on a 128MB computer installation will lead to errors or lead to system problems, if it is actually an administrative installation.

Error code 2738 while uninstalling Quicktime 7
1, you have to "Run as Administrator"
2. Click Start menu, click All Programs. Click Accessories.
3. Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator from the shortcut menu.
4. When the User Account Control dialog appears, click Continue.
5. At the command prompt type the following: regsvr32 vbscript.dll
6. A message should appear stating "DllRegisterServer in vbscript.dll succeeded."
7. Click OK and try installing iTunes or QuickTime again.

QuickTime paramErr error number -50
Parameter Error: Something is wrong in the export settings. Try different export format, bit rate, or resolution.

QuickTime MemFullErr error number -108
Memory Full: If you close documents and applications or reboot to free memory, this error message should no longer show up.

QuickTime couldNotResolveDataRef error number -2000
QuickTime not try to find the file, the video or audio media contains. QuickTime files, media, and not in a movie file, but can be used from an external file. When opening the QuickTime movie file when you. Can not find these files, sometimes tips that will help them.

QuickTime badPublicMovieAtom error number -2002
Bad Public Movie Atom
If QuickTime find some inconsistencies in the moov atom (the film is how the data is written), this error message appears. Sometimes you can be a correction container solution, but often requires a complete re-indexing.

QuickTime invalidMovie error number -2010
If QuickTime reveal some inconsistencies in the moov atom (about how the film was made), this error message.

QuickTime invalidDuration error number -2014
QuickTime report is invalid, in the meantime, the media do not have the time to edit the playlist. It is almost always in the last minute of screen border frame decoding time. Application correction is usually the last frame time to solve this problem.

QuickTime invalidTime error number -2015
QuickTime is not valid when the first reports in the time frame specified in the program does not match the playlist editor. It 's almost always display the time in the first frame, track your time frame. Sign up for correction of the first frame shows the time, you can usually solve the problem.

QuickTime invalidSampleDescription -2041
Inconsistently described in the report sample of QuickTime. Sample data description and specify which codecs and decoding parameters.

QuickTime endOfDataReached -2046
Related movies index (MOOV atom) image file, QuickTime report this error. For example, if you copy or download the video file, but stopped before completion, missing some shots. If the file can not be completed, the correct drug container.

QuickTime noMovieFound error number -2048
QuickTime movie The report found that, if only media files (video, audio) to find. Describe without MOOV atom, how to organize media data, the videos will not play. May be a re-indexing is necessary.

QuickTime failed to initialize error number -2093
1,Download Regcure and installation.
2,Repair windows (scan >> the next >> the next .......), to complete.
3,enjoy our achievements.

QuickTime failed to initialize error number -2095
First you can try to select the application startup file is your usual double-click the start icon, choose the right, property, find compatibility, and then select the Run this program in compatibility mode, compatibility mode select Windows XP SP3, and thenthe bottom one, run the program as an administrator is selected, and see if the problem can be solved.

QuickTime failed to initialize error number -2096
Make sure to download the latest version of iTunes and separately download quicktime version available First winrar extract iTunessetup.exe for this file to a directory should contain 6 files: AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi, Bonjour.msi extract the older version quicktime installation file quicktimeinstaller.exe of iTunes.msi, iTunesSetupAdmin.exe, QuickTime.msi. then winrar which the quicktime.msi replace quicktime.msi.ok in front itunes extract the directory, and now double-click the directory the itunes.msi directly install itunes and quicktime.

QuickTime other error numbers
badImageDescription = -2001,
cantFindHandler = -2003,
cantOpenHandler = -2004,
badComponentType = -2005,
noMediaHandler = -2006,
noDataHandler = -2007,
invalidMedia = -2008,
invalidTrack = -2009,
invalidSampleTable = -2011,
invalidDataRef = -2012,
invalidHandler = -2013,
cantPutPublicMovieAtom = -2016,
badEditList = -2017,
mediaTypesDontMatch = -2018,
progressProcAborted = -2019,
movieToolboxUninitialized = -2020,
wfFileNotFound = -2021,
cantCreateSingleForkFile = -2022,
invalidEditState = -2023,
nonMatchingEditState = -2024,
staleEditState = -2025,
userDataItemNotFound = -2026,
maxSizeToGrowTooSmall = -2027,
badTrackIndex = -2028,
trackIDNotFound = -2029,
trackNotInMovie = -2030,
timeNotInTrack = -2031,
timeNotInMedia = -2032,
badEditIndex = -2033,
internalQuickTimeError = -2034,
cantEnableTrack = -2035,
invalidRect = -2036,
invalidSampleNum = -2037,
invalidChunkNum = -2038,
invalidSampleDescIndex = -2039,
invalidChunkCache = -2040,
invalidSampleDescription = -2041,
dataNotOpenForRead = -2042,
dataNotOpenForWrite = -2043,
dataAlreadyOpenForWrite = -2044,
dataAlreadyClosed = -2045,
dataNoDataRef = -2047,
invalidDataRefContainer = -2049,
badDataRefIndex = -2050,
noDefaultDataRef = -2051,
couldNotUseAnExistingSample = -2052,
featureUnsupported = -2053,
noVideoTrackInMovieErr = -2054,
noSoundTrackInMovieErr = -2055,
soundSupportNotAvailableErr = -2056,
unsupportedAuxiliaryImportData = -2057,
auxiliaryExportDataUnavailable = -2058,
samplesAlreadyInMediaErr = -2059,
noSourceTreeFoundErr = -2060,
sourceNotFoundErr = -2061,
movieTextNotFoundErr = -2062,
missingRequiredParameterErr = -2063,
invalidSpriteWorldPropertyErr = -2064,
invalidSpritePropertyErr = -2065,
gWorldsNotSameDepthAndSizeErr = -2066,
invalidSpriteIndexErr = -2067,
invalidImageIndexErr = -2068,
invalidSpriteIDErr = -2069



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