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1. Make your own movie with QuickTime
Follow the steps below and make your own movie with QuickTime:
a). Choose the photos, album or slideshow you want to include in your movie.
b). Click "File" -> "Export".
c). If you choose photos or album, you will see "Export Photos"; If you chose slideshow, Save it to a file that is easily accessible.
d). Enhance your movie by changing a few options and adding a personal touch. Determining the dimensions of your movie and set the image quality. Add your own special touch by selecting a background color for your movie, simply by clicking the "Color" button. Preview your color by clicking the "Preview" option, then "Select."Adding music to your movie can help bring your photos to life. Follow the steps below to add music: aa) Select the music want to use by clicking "Open File". Then from the "Edit" menu, choose "Select All."Next, from the "Edit" menu, select "Copy". From the "Edit" menu, choose "Add to Movie". Click "File" menu "Save As", enter the name of your movie, then save.
Remark: Make sure the music for your movie isn't too long or too short. Remember to set the "Display Duration" For each picture.

2. Want an easy way for your WMV movies with Windows Movie Maker to convert QuickTime MOV made?
What you need is a video converter that can convert your video to MOV format with the help of video codec and that may QuickTime and other Mac software without reading problems. Obviously, if the codec is wrong, you'll end up with a file that either no sound or image in iDVD
Total Media Converter is a program that helps WMV, QuickTime MOV file. To save time and effort, the program supports QuickTime MOV preset and batch conversion. All you have to do is, just a few mouse clicks and the program does the rest is handled for you.
Here's how to to WMV MOV QuikcTime
Step 1: Click on the "Add File" to load video files, or you can download the files by clicking the "Add files> files" on the toolbar.
Step 2: Select your file and click on the "Profile" drop-down menu and select the output format you like.
Step 3: Click the "Browse" button to define the file folder to set the output video file.
Step 4: Press the Convert button in the lower left corner to start the conversion.

3. How to export to AVI MOV QuikcTime on Mac?
Step 1: Download QuickTime MOV to AVI Converter for Mac. Follow the installation Wizard to install.
Step 2: Launch Total Media Converter for Mac, you can click on the Add button or drag The QuickTime MOV files to the program window to import the files. imported videos appears in the main window, if imported.
Step 3: From the bottom of the window, click the arrow to below and section Select AVI as output format. If you output files on PS3 or Xbox, you Upload can simply choose the default settings, so you do not need to out, codecs, bit rate, Resolution and so on themselves.
Step 4: output path and click the Convert button to Start converting. how long the last conversion depends on the speed of your computer, the length of the Video and the output file settings (bitrate, resolution, etc.).
When the conversion is complete, you are the AVI files in the output Way to find and use it wherever you want.

4. How to use subtitles with Quicktime with Perian?
There are some video codecs that QuickTime can not recognize, you need to install Perian, which extend the functionality of QuickTime, allowing QuickTime to play additional media types. It provides support for subtitles SSA / ASS, SRT, and SAMI.

5. How to rotate a video in QuickTime Pro?
QuickTime Pro makes it easy to recover from this type of shooting and accident.Recovery of the orientation you intended. Here's how it works:
Step 1: Open a movie with QuickTime Pro.
Step 2: QuickTime, go to Window -> Show Movie Properties.
Step 3: Now select the "Video Track" and click on the "Visual Settings".
Step 4: Click on the appropriate "mirror or rotate" icon and watch your QuickTime movie Orientation change. If you do not click like the change to "reset".
Step 5: Once the film is positioned correctly, close the window Movie property.
Step 6: Now save it. File -> Save

6. How to Convert QuickTime format to iMovie 11?
Step 1: Download Video Converter for Mac. Follow the installation wizard to install it on your computer.
Step 2: Start Video Converter and click the Add button or drag the MOV files into the program window in order to import the files. Imported videos are in MOV left of the main window.
Step 3: From the bottom of the window, click the down arrow to profile and select MP4 as output format. You can tweak the format settings: resolution, codec, bit rate and so on.
Step 4: output path and click the Convert button to start conversion. How long will the conversion ultimately dependent on the speed of your computer, the length of the MOV files and output file settings (bitrate, resolution, etc.).

7. Combine video with QuickTime 7
Step 1: Open a video in QuickTime and move the playhead to somewhere you want your next video clip to be inserted. It may be in the beginning, somewhere in the middle or the end of the right.
Step 2: Once you have done that, drag and drop another movie on the player window.
Step 3: Connect the video and then you'll be greeted with the possibility of your merged file. Click the Save button.
Step 4: In the dialog box that appears, select Save as a self-contained movie.

8. QuickTime resize tips
When to use to view QuickTime movie, you may use the "Show" menu to change the size of the playback window. "Display" menu option allows you half the size (Command-0), the original size (Command-1), double size (Command-2), suitable for the size (Command-3) or full-screen (Command-F, If you are using the QuickTime Pro) mode selection. But QuickTime, there is another way to resize.
First of all, if you hold down the Option key to resize the window to drag and drop to the lower right corner of the window, then QuickTime will adjust the film for the best resolution, so you watch the process very smooth. It depends on the size of your monitor, which may provide you with more browser options, also more than the "Display" menu offers four kinds of options.
The resize Another method is to use the Shift key to change the video size. Hold down the Shift key and drag the movie window, QuickTime will lift the restrictions on video size, and can adjust the size of the movie. This may be more useful if you have received a video, but the screen of this video is high aspect ratio does not seem correct, then you can use this method to set more realistic.
You can also use Window -> Show Movie Info command, browse the size of the initial and revised.



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