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  QuickTime Alternative
QuickTime Alternative is a codec package for Microsoft Windows for playback of QuickTime media, usually played only by the official QuickTime software distribution by Apple Inc.

QuickTime Alternative is a Microsoft Windows codecs package, so that any support for DirectShow video player can play QuickTime files, usually the action requires Apple's official QuickTime software. QuickTime Alternative use of extraction of QuickTime 7 codecs, the codec packs is not Apple license the product, and this version of QuickTime can not be free to use while it legitimacy being questioned.

The package includes Media Player Classic as well as support the Internet Explorer of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape's QuickTime network browser plug-ins.

The emergence of the QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative is similar to both official software dissatisfaction, some of the criticism of the official QuickTime too mandatory installation, after removing the software components habitually does not completely remove.

On 10 March 2006, QuickTime Alternative 1.56 was released, that is the latest version of Apple QuickTime 6.0 is based, and thus the last version Support for Windows 98 and Windows Me.
On 28 June 2007 was introduced QT Lite. QT Lite 1.1.2 released 12/11/2007 was the last version for Windows 2000, QT Lite 2.0.0 released one day later Windows XP requires.
On 14 September 2007 has been released QuickTime Alternative 1.90, the removed QuickTime Pro functions and DirectShow filters, both of which were included in previous versions. Based on Apple's QuickTime 7.2, QuickTime Alternative 1.95 is the first version does not support Windows 2000 or CPUs without SSE.
On 15 December 2007 with 2.20 QuickTime Alternative released, and it was based on Apple QuickTime From this version, support for up CPUs without SSE is restored.
On 3 September 2009 was released QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2. on the basis Apple QuickTime 7.6.6.
On 15 July 2010, were both QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative away from their main distribution site, and on 25 July 2010 QT Lite Real Alternative Lite and followed suit.The maintainer of this software Packages, codec guru, refuses to discuss the reason for removing said "That the debate is not here. Wanted" codec guru actively erasing or Edits any contributions to the Codec Guide forum, mentioning the two codec packs and their elimination. Repeated issue of posting the results in a user be banned from the forum. Codec guru said in a forum post: "There is no Links on the website will not be promoting the use and development of open Source alternatives, such as VLC and ffdshow, instead of using proprietary software."
On 16 August 2010 QT Lite 4.0.0 has been released. Based on Apple's QuickTime 7.6.7.
On 18 December 2010 QT Lite 4.1.0 has been released. Based on Apple's QuickTime 7.6.9.



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